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Kenyan Government Disavows Controversial Local Ownership Requirement

The Kenyan government has suspended a controversial local ownership requirement in the new Companies Act 2015.  The confusion regarding how the provision made its way into the law is unsettling for foreign companies that are interested in one of the region’s top investment destinations. Regarded as an overdue modernization of Kenya’s company and insolvency laws, … Continue Reading

Going to Kenya is an Important Undertaking, Mr. President

Dear Mr. President: Recently, the distinguished Harvard professor, Robert Rotberg, made the argument that your planned visit to Kenya in July is a “dumb” idea. I couldn’t disagree more, and here is why: One of Professor Rotberg’s central points is that your visit will exacerbate ethnic tensions in the country, as your father was a Luo, … Continue Reading

Global Financing Facility Looks Beyond the Millennium Development Goals to Bolster Africa’s Private/Public Healthcare Systems

Earlier this week, the Corporate Council on Africa’s Health Working Group hosted a World Bank presentation of The Global Financing Facility (GFF), a broad $4 billion facility that aims to promote reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH) in low- and middle-income countries.  The GFF–which was announced in September 2014 and currently consists of … Continue Reading

The Healthy State of Medical Tourism in Sub-Saharan Africa

Well-known as a destination for experiencing some of the world’s most breathtaking natural assets, the Sub-Saharan African region is making progress in staking a larger claim to the multibillion dollar medical tourism industry and is the fastest growing region for wellness tourism.  Strategic trade and investment policies have played a significant role in these advancements. … Continue Reading

Kenya and the ICC: Reconciling the Past

Although a certain level of violence has accompanied Kenya’s electoral process since the restoration of multi-party politics in 1991, the 2007 presidential elections saw an unprecedented level of violence that was “by far the most deadly and the most destructive violence ever experienced in Kenya.”  It left over 1,100 Kenyans dead and between 350,000 and … Continue Reading

By Sea, By Rail, By Air — How Kenya Is Revolutionizing Its Transportation Systems

Yesterday, the Corporate Council on Africa and the Government of the Republic of Kenya presented the Doing Business in Kenya Forum, an all-day conference focused on trade and investment opportunities in one of Africa’s largest economies and the anchor nation of the East African region.  Of the various initiatives which were detailed by the participating … Continue Reading

Wildlife Conservation Efforts Spark Public-Private Partnerships in Africa

           Throughout Africa, governments and private organizations are partnering to conserve Africa’s endangered wildlife.  Wildlife conservation’s appeal stems not only from ideals of social responsibility, but also from diverse economic interests.  These interests stimulate a variety of business partnerships, including public-private ones, in Africa’s wildlife conservation. The Economics of Conservation             African nations are among the fastest-growing economies in … Continue Reading

The Role of Technology in Spreading Democracy

In the past two decades, the spread of democracy has been one of the most important advances across the African continent.  Since the 2008 launch of the website Ushahidi (the Swahili word for “testimony” or “witness”) which crowd-sourced and mapped user-generated reports of post-election violence in Kenya, technology has been playing an increasingly critical role … Continue Reading

Maintaining the Independence and Integrity of Central Banks

Despite various countries making great strides forward in responsible fiscal management, recent events have reignited concerns about the integrity and independence of central banks  in Africa.  Specifically, in the past few months, one central bank governor has been suspended, another has been threatened with arrest, and a third has abruptly resigned. Nigeria. Perhaps the most … Continue Reading