The Africa Practice

Home to seven of the world’s ten fastest growing economies and nearly 1 billion people whose median age is 18, Africa is in the midst of awakening to its seemingly endless potential.  More than just economic success, the progress in Africa brings entrepreneurship and innovation to development in ways never before seen.  Regardless of whether you were born in, have traveled around, or have never set foot on the continent, there is no better time than the present to engage with Africa.

Recognizing the significance of the region, in September 2012, Covington launched its Africa Practice which is helmed by Dr. Witney Schneidman, a former senior State Department official with more than 30 years of experience in Africa.  This significant firm initiative further strengthens Covington’s ability to advise corporate clients on entering into and expanding their presence in the African market.   To date, Covington has experience advising clients on matters involving nearly every country on the African continent.  Many of these engagements have related to the continent’s largest economies, including Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

The Covington Approach

In Africa and other regions of the world, businesses require not only expert legal advice but also counsel on the governmental and sociopolitical dimensions relevant to the operating environment.  A truly international and integrated law firm, Covington brings together lawyers and advisors who draw on industry knowledge, cross-disciplinary coordination and region-specific experience in order to craft practical solutions.

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